Game Game Date Round Match Type Game Attendance Comments
VFA1950-Carn_VFA_v_A.C.T. 11/06/1950 Representative VFA v Canberra (A.C.T.) 1,600 Carnival
VFA1951-Aus.Amat._v_VFA 14/07/1951 Representative Australian Amateurs v VFA 2,500 promotion playoff between the winner of Section 2 at the 1950 National Carnival (Australian Amateurs) and the last-placed team in Section 1 (VFA).
VFA1960-Aus.Amat._v_VFA 30/07/1960 Representative Australian Amateurs v VFA 4,000
VFA1960-Carn_VFA_v_AustAmateurs 30/07/1960 Representative VFA v Australian Amateurs 4,000 Carnival
VFA1968-Canberra_v_VFA 26/05/1968 Representative Canberra (A.C.T.) v VFA 3,000
VFA1968-VFA_v_(ACT 26/05/1968 Representative VFA v Canberra (A.C.T.) 3,000