Game Game Date Round Match Type Game Attendance Comments
VFA1882-R13-G04 8/07/1882 13 RegularSeason Sandhurst v Hotham
VFA1882-R16-G04 29/07/1882 16 RegularSeason Sandhurst v Carlton 4,000
VFA1884-R12-G03 19/07/1884 12 InterClub Sandhurst v Hotham
VFA1884-R19-G03 6/09/1884 19 InterClub Sandhurst v Fitzroy The match was abandoned as drawn, ten minutes before time, when the ball was kicked 'into the reservoir'.
VFA1906-VFA_v_Bendigo&NthnDist.FA's 29/08/1906 Exhibition VFA v Bendigo & Nthn Dist. FA's